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One of the most uncomfortable situations you can have is your hot water heater decides to no function properly, by running out of hot water or leaking water which can cause a ton of other problems in your home.

You can trust SoCal Plumbing Pros with all your water heater needs from repairing your existing water heater to installing a new water heater.

Because water heaters interact with water all day, they are prone to eventually suffer from rusting issues and calcium issues due to the minerals in our water. Whether the rust is on the outside of the tank, or in the water itself, or you visually see calcium built up on or around the water heater its a sign of trouble as soon as you see rust or calcium be sure to give us a call.


Water leaks are a very serious issue that can cause damage to your home if left not repaired. Leaks can spring at the bottom or top of the hot water tank, generally wherever there is a connection to plumbing. If you notice leaking water around your water heater, be sure to contact us immediately.

If you’re taking a hot shower and the water runs out quickly, your water heater is not working as it should. This can be caused by either a thermostat issue, failing to produce enough hot water, or a water leak somewhere in the system. In either case please call us so we can diagnose the issue asap!

A word about Maintenance;
manufacturers recommend that you flush your water heater once a year to remove sediment build-up in your tank from the minerals that are present in the water. You also may not know that your water heater came equipped with an Anode rod inside. The Anode rod protects your heater by absorbing harmful minerals in the water that can cause the tank to leak prematurely. The rod should be checked every 2 years (and replaced every 4-5 years) to keep your tank protected. If your home uses a water softener it is likely you will need to replace the Anode rod every 2 years due to the higher sodium or potassium content introduced by the softener.

We believe in preventative maintenance as it is financially beneficial to our customers some of the benefits are;

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • Elimination of risk for emergencies

  • Extended system life

  • Better water pressure

  • Efficient water heating

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