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Garbage Disposal Leaking, Not Working in Glendale area

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Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Services

garbage disposals make cooking and cleaning easy, all the while keeping your kitchen drains flowing. But what happens when it breaks down? call, SoCal Plumbing Pros  we are your neighborhood plumbing specialists. With our expert solutions we can provide you with the best garbage disposal services including repairs and installations.

What can prevent your garbage disposal from working?

  • Bones - While some bones may seem small and easy to break down, they can actually damage the garbage disposal blades and jam inside the motor, preventing it from working at all.

  • Fibrous Foods - Fibrous fruits and vegetables can wreak havoc on your garbage disposal. Because they are difficult to break down, they may overwork the garbage disposal, eventually resulting in a breakdown.

  • Fats or Grease - These items should NEVER go down your drains. Fats and grease can harden in your pipes, eventually causing serious clogs and damage to your plumbing.

  • Mass Quantities - Even though we think our garbage disposals can break down anything, the truth is, anything in excess can cause it to stop functioning.

  • Glass, Plastic, Or Metal - These items don't often go down the drain unless it’s an accident. With that being said, they can cause significant damage to your garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal install and repair in Glendale Pasadena

Some of the Disposal brands we Install 

We repair Insinkerator brand Disposal
We repair and install waste King Brand Disposal
We repair Kitchenaid disposal
We repair whirlpool brand disposal
We repair Moen Brand Disposal
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