Earthquake Gas Valve Repair and Installation In the Glendale area

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How Does an Automatic Gas Shut Off Valve Work?

An earthquake gas valve that is automatic shuts off when there is seismic activity, so that you don't have to worry about a gas leak that will cause a fire or an explosion in your home or building.

Why Get an Automatic Shut Off Valve?

An earthquake gas valve that is manual is only helpful if you can get to it to turn it off with a wrench. In the case of an earthquake, this will more than likely not be possible. So, if you have a manual gas shut off valve, you run an incredible risk of causing an explosion or a fire in the case of an earthquake. A study of the 1994 Northridge, CA earthquake showed that more than half of the 51 fires started there could have been prevented if each home would have been outfitted with an automatic gas shut off valve. Having an automatic earthquake gas valve installed is now being deemed as necessary as having a smoke detector by many California safety officials. In fact, they recommend getting an excess flow valve as well, which shuts off the gas when a break in the line or a gas leak is detected.

Glendale area Earthquake gas shutoff installer